Technological innovation

devoted to applying and developing resource regeneration, smelting and material science.

Innovate the system

The research institute and technology center of the company are responsible for the main innovative research and development activities, and conduct the company's research and development plan to continuously improve product performance, improve production process, explore potential market demand, and maintain the company's technological foresight. At the same time, the company actively promoted the work of "industry-university-research cooperation", cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and other well-known universities in China and signed cooperative research and development agreements, jointly committed to the research and development of advanced technologies in the industry, and promoted the company's technological progress.

Patented technology
Technology is deeply engaged in the research and development of environmental protection and metal material regeneration technology, and has a total of 25 patents, including more than 10 invention patents, covering multiple fields such as wet separation technology, lithium battery recovery technology, automatic control technology and fire treatment technology.
Hardware Support
CN Sci & Tech has precision equipment for analysis and performance testing, including ICP, XRF, XRD, SEM, AAS, laser particle sizer, and equipment for power battery performance testing, which provides necessary hardware support for scientific experiments and R & D.
CN has obtained management system certificates such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001; Chizhou CN New Material Technology Co. LTD, one of CN’s subsidiaries, played a role in drafting General Production Requirements For Enterprises’ Comprehensive Utilization of Spent Power Battery and Technical Specification for Wet Recovery in Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries, and has formulated three standards, including "Nickel Sulfate(Battery)" and "Nickel Matte", which are featured by strict production control standards. Chizhou CN is committed to continuously improve the market competitiveness.