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To Be a Leader in Resource Recycling

Shanghai CN Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
CN Technology has more than 20-year experience in treating three wastes, utilizing and developing resources and operating projects. Besides, CN has invested in energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and can effectively recycle industrial wastes into useful resources. Especially in the recycling, separation and purification of spent lithium batteries, CN can convert the spent battery materials into reusable high-performance battery materials and raw materials for other industrial production. CN is headquartered in Shanghai, equipped with a manufacturing and R & D base with a total area of over 700 mu in Chizhou High-tech Development Zone, Anhui Province.
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Technical accumulation in environmental protection
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Historical Evolution
Technology and Device R&D
In wastewater treatment, CN made innovative breakthroughs in developing suspended separation and oil-water separation technologies, winning the technology innovation fund of MOST and obtaining its own technical and intellectual property achievements; during this stage, CN has developed devices with its own patents such as CN liquid filter, CNO degreaser, CNJ metal recovery machine and others waste water and gas treatment, and engineering design and services. These featured products have been widely applied in industries including titanium dioxide, winning the Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation certificate.
Industrialization of Technological Achievements
Our company has made breakthroughs in developing technologies concerning separation, concentration, purification and un-oil of non-ferrous metal ions and obtained many achievements which are widely used in the metallurgical industry. The CN technical system has been continuously improved with technology in cleaning and recycling and abstracting industrial wastes and low-grade ores. Consequently, we form our core patent technologies and complete sets of production equipment to provide customers with overall treatment solutions.
Transformation from Equipment Technology to Production Operation
In addition to offering customized solutions and eco-friendly equipment for customers, CN invested a Solid Waste Disposal Site Base(0.2 million tons) in Chizhou, Anhui, to industrialize our own technology and equipment and form our own production capacity. In Phase I, this base processed 50,000 tons of solid waste annually, mainly producing nickel, copper, cobalt and other metallic compounds.
Production of Solid/ Hazardous Waste Base (Phase One)
In 2014, Chizhou Solid/ Hazardous Waste Base (Phase One) was in trial with a capacity of 50000 tons/year. Besides, CN completed the share reform and cooperated with Zijin Mining Group LTD and Jiangxi Copper Group; our company was rewarded as the advanced unit in "433" key project by Chizhou municipal party committee and government. In 2015, CN was licensed to operate hazardous waste, breaking the barriers of trans-provincial operation of hazardous waste.
Starting Lithium Battery Recycling
As lithium batteries continuously develops, CN has strengthened R & D in the utilization of non-ferrous metal resources. As for NCM lithium batteries, CN developed the recycling technology of spent cathode materials and invested in a recovery project to recycle 6000-ton lithium battery cathode materials. In treating hazardous waste, our company increased the R&D in pyro-metallurgical project (Phase II). In 2019, our company was licensed to operate 0.2 million tons’ hazardous waste. Additionally, the oxygen-rich side-blown project of Phase Two Hazardous Waste Base (0.15million/year) was successfully debugged and entered into trial.
CEO Message

Shanghai CN Science and Technology Co. LTD, formerly known as Shanghai CN Water Treatment Engineering Co. LTD, was established in 1997. Over the past 20 years, CN has been committed to developing the recycling technology of industrial waste materials independently and continuously pursues innovation and excellence with more than 20 national patents obtained. CN is a large-scale high-tech enterprise for comprehensive utilization of three wastes, recycling and reusing of spent lithium batteries, with the Yangtze River Delta as its service center which radiates across the country.

CN always adheres to sustainable development, shoulders the mission of turning waste into treasure, making a better environment with science and technology, and practices the values of focus, cooperation and innovation. Moreover, we implement such corporate culture in the daily code of conduct of employees, business management as well as the plans of medium and long-term strategies. Our philosophy not only contains our own requirements and commitments, but also contains the belief that we can benefit from and grow together with our partners. We are willing to maintain an open mind, operate our business in an honest manner, and continuously make self-breakthroughs in order to better face the challenges in the future.

It is our vision to become a leading enterprise in the comprehensive utilization of three wastes and the recycling of spent lithium batteries. We are looking forward to winning the competitive advantages and long-term development advantages for our customers, and do our best to promote resource regeneration, create a better environment and improve the future life.

Core Value
Focus way to win.

For more than 20 years, CN has been focusing on the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste, and has been continuously advancing in its professional fields. We attach great importance to the quality of our products and the value we create for our customers. We constantly study and strive for improvement in each business segment. Guided by meticulous spirit, targeted clean energy-saving technology and professional production capacity, we provide customers with more effective environmental protection services and products with stable quality and excellent performance.

Innovation basis to advance

The development of enterprises needs to keep up with the time. Like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. Only by overcoming the challenges with innovation is the right way to gain long-term development. The basis to win our customers' trust is that we meet the iterative needs of environmental protection and materials that various industrial customers have by providing high-tech and less energy-intensive products. We must always devote to R&D and innovation as it is the primary driving force for the development of individuals, enterprises and society.

Win-win long-term strategy.

Win-win strategy reflects our service concept in face of partners. We always keep in mind that we ought to have an open mind, strive to win the trust of customers, and strive to find solutions that can benefit each other. Our concept is to bring benefits to every partner during the cooperative period and create the competitive advantages and long-term development advantages for them. At the same time, we aim at creating a cleaner living environment for the society.