Build a circular industrial chain
Project Characteristics

CN has the hazardous waste operation license approved by Department of Environmental Protection, and is experienced in its treatment such as nickel, cobalt, copper and chromium. Besides, CN strictly implements the harmless disposal and three waste discharge standards.


Chizhou CN New Material Technology Co. LTD, one of CN’s subsidiaries, played a role in drafting General Production Requirements for Enterprises’ Comprehensive Utilization of Spent Power Battery and Technical Specification for Wet Recovery in Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries.


CN is experienced in the R & D of separation, extraction and purification process of nickel and cobalt waste. It provides innovative solutions, which effectively ensures the recovery rate of lithium batteries, and is committed to solving environmental problems in the process of waste material.

Wide Range

CN’s recycling base is located in Chizhou, Anhui, part of the Yangtze Delta, leading to a convenient transportation and wide range of recycling service.


CN is an expert in resource regeneration, and is able to recycle the valuable metals in spent lithium batteries which meets the national strategic requirements for sustainable development.


Our recycling projects meet the requirements of automation production in the disassembly, recovery and separation, extraction and purification, and follow the trend of standardization and automation.

Cathode Material Recycling Project
This project can recycle 6000 tons of spent ternary cathode materials annually. By using innovative technology, the recycling of nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium, an important element in ternary cathode materials, is realized and lithium salt, nickel cobalt manganese mixed solution and other products are produced. This overcomes the difficulties in relation to lithium separation and waste water reuse, and provides great experience for the comprehensive utilization of lithium batteries. CN is not only the raw material supplier of new energy battery manufacturers, but also the waste recycling party for spent new energy vehicle manufacturers, and is one of the important members that form a closed loop.
Project of lithium batteries (200000 tons)
With the continuous development of new energy vehicles and electronic industry, the demand for electricity is increasing. Lithium battery wins people’s heart because of its high energy density, long cycle life, fast charging and other excellent properties. The project marks CN’s further improve its green recycling system for lithium batteries. The project is planned to cover an area of 500 mu, and aims to be a comprehensive base with an annual treatment capacity of 200000 tons of lithium batteries for "dismantling recycling comprehensive utilization" of lithium batteries and energy storage. It is expected to be implemented in three phases. The valuable materials from spent batteries will be recovered and converted into lithium battery precursor materials, lithium salts and other industrial recycled products. The project will reduce the environmental pollution from spent lithium batteries, and enhance the recycling value of various valuable metals in lithium batteries, which is an important part of CN’s strategic plan in resource regeneration.